Spare parts and technical service

Company “GeoMac”, as official distributor of Unimac products in Southern Caucasus, provides next generally terms for spare parts and technical service:

For small, under 30 kg, all kind Washing and Dryers, 2 (two) year guarantee for spare parts.

For big, up 30 kg, all kind Washing and Dryers, 1 (one) year guarantee for spare parts.

For all kind of Ironers, 1 (one) year guarantee for spare parts.

GeoMac not asking pre-inspection damaged spare parts in producer factory. Changing of spare parts will be done by GeoMac technicians after inspecting by them the problem.

Inevitable condition - after changing or repairing , damaged parts must be send in Belgium office by customer, for finally checking reason of damage.

In case of damage, GeoMac takes 48 hour for diagnostics in Tbilisi and 72 hour in other Georgia. The period of solving the problem – changing or repairing of parts, is depended in case of damage and it is subject of negotiations.

Sending of spare parts – by Express Post. This is GeoMac’s responsibility.

GeoMac needs to underline very clear the terms of technical cooperation with customers : free guarantee service – only for spare parts and for during mentioned period. The cost of technicians job, to pay them for changing or repairing of parts, is customer’s obligation. In case of more forecasting damages – by fixed tariff.

All other damages, programming, other maintenances are subject of negotiations and pay the cost for them is also customer’s obligation.

What about design project of laundry, installation, testing, pushing and personal training, all these services are GeoMac’s obligation and free for customer.

At last, to make all this relationships clear and understanding, We think, that except commercial contract, must be signed Agreement about technical cooperation between GeoMac and finally user/customer.