Laundry Design

Company “GeoMac” will provide full design-project for your Laundry.

After information, we need to know :


  • Area (sq. meters) of Laundry
  • Daily kilograms of linen or other materials
  • Models of equipments


We will provide you full Design Project of Laundry, including placing of equipments and with infrastructure:


  • Power connection
  • Water connection
  • Ventilation
  • Gaze or Steam connections
  • Sewerage systems


detail diagrams, what kind materials to use and other needful advices/recommendations.

We also provide full cost of operation analyzes, according the local power, water, gaze tariffs. If you inform us about labor cost, chemical or powder expenses, we can calculate and provide full cost per 1 kg of linen full laundry process - washing, drying, ironing.